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The cartoonist Thomas Nast established the bounds for Santa Claus' current look with an initial illustration in an issue of Harper's Weekly, as part of a large illustration titled "A Christmas Furlough". In later Nast drawings a home at the North Pole was added, as was the workshop for building toys and a large book filled with the names of children who had been naughty or nice.

Although Nast had gotten the paraphernalia of reindeer, sleigh, etc down to a tee, the famous red suit was still yet to be set. Over the decades Santa would be depicted in a variety of colours such as blue, green and the yellow as pictured in this edition of Moore's "A Visit from St. Nicholas - Source. In this advert for Sugar Plums we see the red of the jacket, but the hat is green and he appears to have no trousers on at all. In this later illustration by Thomas Nast named "Merry Old Santa" the modern Santa character really begins to take shape.

Present is the jolly rotundity and the all important red of the suit. Colour version of Thomas Nast's famous image below - Source.

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Frank Baum, with its elaborations and much added detail went a long way to popularising the legend of Santa. However, in the cover to the first edition of Baum's book we see the red of his suit is still yet to be 'mandatory'. Frank Baum - Source. In this cover for Puck illustrated by the Australian Frank A.

Nankivell, we see perhaps for the first time a depcition of Santa which is indistinguishable from that of the present day.

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Santa Claus as illustrated by Frank A. Nankivell in Puck , v. In this Canadian department store brochure from we see that Santa, with his black trimmed suit and bobble-less hat, was still able to deviate from his typical image. Cover of the Eaton's department store Christmas catalogue for , showing an image of Santa Claus. Toronto, Canada - Source.

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  4. The illustrator Norman Rockwell, with his many depictions throughout the s, was a key player in cementing Santa's modern look. Here is an early illustration of his from before the First World War. An Japanese illustration from , showing the spread of the Santa legend had reached far wider than just Europe and America. Japanese illustration featuring Santa, artist unknown - Source. A poster by the U. Food Administration.

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    Educational Division, Advertising Section, ca. Like Sundblom's depictions for Coca Cola more than a decade later, these pictures of Rockwell's give a very physiologically human and naturalistic aspect to the character as opposed to the more cartoonish features which had gone before. Illustrated front cover from The Queenslander, December 25 - Source.

    In the U.

    Second World War poster below Santa takes a radical departure from the jolly red suit and dons the dour shades of war. Explore our selection of fine art prints, all custom made to the highest standards, framed or unframed, and shipped to your door. Search The Public Domain Review. Santa appears in classic form in this piece of U. WW1 propaganda. Santa in Australia in Medium Images.

    Style Illustrations. Epoch 19th Century 20th Century. Source Wikimedia Commons. Best Toddler: Dream Snow at Amazon.

    No Christmas season is complete without the Grinch and all of the Whos in Whoville who help him find the true meaning of Christmas. With its whimsical images and hilarious rhymes, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas delivers a serious message about the commercialization of Christmas. Their simple, yet still joyful celebration helps the green guy see the error of his Grinchy ways and realize that Christmas is really about the spirit of the season and being together.

    The classic Dr. This book is a great way to remind readers young and old that Christmas means a whole lot more. The beautifully illustrated pages will delight believers of all ages and convert a few non-believers along the way. Perfect for the toddler set, Dream Snow paints a beautiful picture of an animal-loving Santa Claus. It tells the story of a farmer dreaming of Christmas snow and how he takes care of his animals after the flakes actually begin to fall. He dons a red suit, goes outside and places presents under a tree for his five animals.

    The animals just so happen to be named One, Two, Three, Four and Five, making the book not only entertaining, but also a good lesson in counting. For those who want to stress that Jesus is the reason for the Christmas season, The Tale of Three Trees is a perfect pick. Geared toward the preschool crowd, it tells the touching tale of three trees, each who thinks they know who they want to grow up to be.

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    This simply retold classic folktale is a lovely way to focus on the religious aspect of Christmas. While the trees make it a particularly festive book for Christmas, its message is one that is relevant all year long and makes a great Baptism or Easter gift as well. It tells the tale of one boy who is whisked away by Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. He travels on a train with other children to the North Pole where he gets to make his Christmas wish. The Caldecott-winning book makes a great gift that families will enjoy for years to come.

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    Poor Olive. Published in , this one has fast become a favorite of children and parents alike over the years, earning its place on bookshelves next to traditional favorites. It begins as Kind Ox welcomes the animals one by one to share his stable on that cold Christmas Eve. Reading it is a great way for the whole family to come together and prepare for Christmas.